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  • Orangatang Stimulus Wheels

    INCENTIVE TO SHRED. Like a shot of adrenaline for a stale economy of shredding, the Orangatang Stimulus is here to breathe new life into your ride. Equally adept at slides,...
  • Orangatang 4President Wheels

    Whether you’re weaving your way through a hairpin-riddled downhill course or a pedestrian-infested urban jungle, the Orangatang 4President is your candidate of choice.
  • Orangatang Caguama Wheels

    BIG AND BEAUTIFUL. Voluptuous urethane (proportionate in all the right places) for high roll speed, grip, comfort, and momentum for commuting, carving, long-distance pushing, pumping, and electric longboards. Purchase price...
  • Orangatang Fat Free Wheels

    THE HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE. If you’re ready to lean out your diet, the Orangatang Fat Free is the key to maintaining your board’s cardiovascular health and freeride/freestyle figure.    **Wheel graphic's and...
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  • Orangatang Kegel Wheels

    SUPPLE, MUSCULAR GRIP. The Orangatang Kegel is your ticket to high-speed steamroller action and the obliteration of a variety of small mammals.  LONGBOARD WHEEL SPECS Diameter:  80mm Width: 56mm Contact Patch:  56mm Style: Sharp...
  • Orangatang In Heat Wheels

    Sunny skies and short shorts might be seasonal, but the Orangatang In Heat is always ready for some wild and sticky action. With a diameter of 75mm, the Orangatang In...
  • Orangatang The Cage Wheels

      Tall and charming, The Cage holds it together with an air of calm and collected charisma... but is always prepared to lose its shit and get wild. The Cage...
  • Orangatang Skiffs Wheels

    NOT FOR USE IN ELEVATORS. With a versatile stature, impeccable style, and a ready-to-rock attitude, the Skiff is the most interesting wheel in the world. Designed for all-terrain use, it...
  • Orangatang Durian Wheels

    Much like its botanical namesake, the Durian is a big, meaty, and succulent gob of urethane designed to carry you across town to the not-so-local fruit stand or to be...
  • Orangatang Wheels Love Handles

    The Orangatang Love Handles: quick and light meet plush and grippy. A traction-focused design in a compact package for agility, acceleration, and control. With a wheel this pumpable, you’ll never...
  • Orangatang Wheels Dad Bod 105mm / 80A

    The father figure we all needed. The new Orangatang Dad Bod has finally arrived to deliver exceptional roll speed with reliable traction and vibration dampening to all the big-wheel fanatics...
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