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  • Kindred Tsolum Snowboard

    Consider the well-balanced Tsolum all-mountain twin if you enjoy riding centered on your board no matter the terrain. It's versatility also makes it a great daily-driver for resort freeriders who...
  • Bataleon Goliath Snowboard 22/23

    The Goliath is the board that started the 3D revolution. It’s perfectly balanced to excel at in all conditions. The harmony of freestyle agility and freeride power is ideal for...
  • Quick View Rome Stale Mod Snowboard 20/21 Rome Stale Mod Snowboard 20/21
    Sold Out

    Rome Stale Mod Snowboard 20/21

    The Stale Mod is better known as the Podium Topper AKA the Back 14 Stomper AKA the Positive Cambered Enforcer AKA the Board Found Under Ståle’s Feet on Contest Day....
  • Capita Scott Stevens Pro 21/22

    With a shape that turns on a dime, this board is made to jib, bonk, slide, shred, ride, slap, and pop off of anything. Known for a damp feel and...
  • Quick View D.O.P.E Industries Blockbuster Snowboard 21/22
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    D.O.P.E Industries Blockbuster Snowboard 21/22

    Be Kind Rewind. Draw constant inspiration from the moving pictures that inspired snowboarding's past, present and future. E-man Anderson's Signature Model comes in with a classic freestyle shape, traditional camber...
  • Never Summer Proto Synthesis 21/22

    Ten years ago, we created the Proto CT, and the Never Summer Proto series quickly became the best-selling board in snowboard shops across the nation. Proto CT→Proto HD →Proto Type...
  • Kindred Black Creek Snowboard

    The Black Creek is a directional all-mountain snowboard that favors deep snow. It is built to thrive in all conditions. Its broad powder-friendly nose is supported by mellow sidecut serration...
  • Kindred Nootka Snowboard

    The Swiss Army knife in the Kindred lineup. This is the board you grab when you want to be prepared for whatever the mountains throw at you. A dual camber...
  • Bataleon Push Up Snowboard Women's 22/23

    The Push Up is a premium women’s board that combines high end materials with the latest in 3D shaping to help take your skills to the next level. Raised edges...
  • Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard 22/23

    The Evil Twin has been at the heart of the 3D revolution for nearly two decades. It’s a rider favorite that’s been lovingly upgraded year after year to keep it...
  • Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard 22/23

    The Fun.Kink is the epitome of a modern go-anywhere shape. It has a mellow flex and relaxed camber that encourages riders of every level to try new things and progress...
  • Bataleon Wallie Snowboard 22/23

    The Wallie lets you do new stuff at spots you’ve ridden for years. and see tricks in others you thought were unrideable. It’s designed with park and freestyle progression in...
  • Bataleon Party Wave+ Snowboard 22/23

    We took the fun filled Party Wave and supercharged it. This is a short and wide high tech beast that can handle whatever you throw at it. A lighter wood...
  • Rome Party Mod 22/23

    The Party Mod is the perfect cocktail of pressability, responsiveness and all-mountain revelry. With the buttery smooth versatility of our Contact Rocker camber profile and the lively response of Carbon...
  • Bataleon Whatever Snowboard 22/23

    The Whatever outline shape is the most directional in this category. but make no mistake the contact surface is completely twin. If you want the best of both worlds. going...
  • Bataleon Goliath+ Snowboard 22/23

    Everyone’s favorite Directional Twin get the plus treatment. The Goliath + features a lighter woodcore with AirRide Technology. more carbon and the fastest base we could source. Faster. better. stronger...
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